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As an Extra Life volunteer, pitches are your most important skill to develop. For as much money as you can raise on your own, the amount increases exponentially with each additional marathoner and volunteer you can recruit to the cause. A pitch must be attention grabbing, appealing, and most importantly: short. 


Do’s & Don’ts of a good pitch


Do: Keep it light, speak clearly, have several variants of pitches to appeal to different audiences, know your FAQs, practice, time your pitch, create a quick “TL;DR” version aka KEEP IT SHORT


Don’t: Swear, mention politics, be pushy, enter personal space, be overly familiar, be on your phone/disengaged, overuse guilt trips


Anatomy of a Pitch: 


The Hook - Used to get people to approach. Usually a single sentence or two, an attention grabber. 

  • Examples: 
  • Have you ever wanted to be in a charity marathon but didn’t want to run? 
  • Help sick kids by gaming at home! Ask me how! 
  • I love your ___ costume! Do you like gaming? Have you heard of Extra Life?


The TL;DR - A quick summary of who we are and what we do, no more than 15 seconds. This is how you GAUGE INTEREST


  • We’re a Children’s Miracle Network affiliate benefitting KUMed Pediatrics. We function sort of like a 5k but instead of running a marathon we have an annual gaming marathon! We raise money year round and 100% of what we raise goes to sick Kansas City area kids.
  • This hits the main points: who we’re benefitting, the fact that we are 100% non-profit, what the marathon is, and the fact that the funds stay local.
  • Feel free to tailor this to your audience. For example, joke about not running with non-athletic people. Simplify for kids and mention that they could ask their parents about participating. Hit the “helping sick kids” harder with older folks who may not want to sign up but might donate. 


The Quick and Dirty - Your person seems interested but also like they have somewhere to be soon. Sum up what they can do to help!


  • So what we’re doing here at [event name here] is signing interested people up to participate in the marathon. If you’re interested, it will only take a moment to sign up and in a couple of weeks we’ll email you your pre-made fundraiser page. If you’re not sure, we’d love if you shared about us on social media and you can feel free to take some information. Donations are also always appreciated - every little bit helps local kids!
  • Make sure you make it clear how they can help and how little it takes. Convenience is not the enemy because literally anything that helps adds up!


The In-Depth - In place of the Quick and Dirty or in addition to it. Your person is actively interested and is asking questions.

Things to include: 

  • KNOW YOUR FAQs. Your resource page has an FAQ sheet and myself and Lora can get you hard copies on request. You should be able to answer when game day is, what kind of games you can play, are there specific events, do i have to stream, does it cost to participate, do I have to play local, etc. etc. etc. 
  • KNOW YOUR WHY. Why do you, personally, participate in this event? Personal anecdotes are a great way to add a more immediate reality of what you’re doing for a potential recruit. 
  • BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATING. Mention how rewarding it is to help local kids. Show off the miracle kids book / pages at the booth. Talk about how it’s a charity that enables you to help even if you don’t have the funds to donate personally or a lot of time. Feel free to elaborate how flexible game day is here. 
  • It never hurts to mention that it is charitable work and by that token is tax deductible, looks good on a job or college application, and is a great excuse to spend a ton of time doing something fun while helping others. 
  • SWAG. Don’t feel bad about sweetening the pot. We’ve got some neat buttons and other cute extra life swag as a reward for different beneficial actions.


The Wrap Up - Final thoughts

This should be pretty similar to your quick and dirty. Reiterate the simplicity of what you’re doing and if they remain uninterested in signing up, encourage them to donate or share about us. It never hurts to remind them that if they’re not interested, a friend may be. 

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