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Guild Meeting Notes June 2019

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Extra Life Kansas City Guild Meeting Notes

June 12

Game Day is November 2nd

Join our team here:


Guild Information:

1) We increase funds and awareness for KU Medical Center Pediatrics

2) Together we Save kids' lives through rallying and connecting local organizations together!

3) Purpose of the Guild is to Register, Fundraise, and Get Social!


MONEY RAISED as of June 12: $18,985 (I believe it is higher now)

NUMBER OF GAMERS as of June 12: 155



1) First, we discussed the past 3 events.  We all agreed that doing smaller, more laid back, events is fun and is successful! We all enjoyed PopCon and Light Saber Battle but opt not to do Conquest again as it is not free. 

2) It was agreed that when doing outdoor events we should remind volunteers to wear sunscreen and pack water and snacks

3) We also had a large discussion about getting back out into the community again and hanging posters in game shops, bars, etc.  We discussed putting together a database of all the gaming-related businesses in the Kansas City area and perhaps even assigning people to go hang posters at these places or discuss bigger opportunities. 

4) We agreed that next month Lora would provide info on how to pitch Extra Life to businesses instead of just to people and have a large planning session about which businesses in KC we should approach first and delegate who should go talk to them.

5) Agreed to do a pitch-off in Sept or Oct and that the prize should be a donation to the winner's page.

6) Meetings will now be at 7pm instead of 630pm.

7) Meeting locations will now be at local libraries.




Extra Life Organizer: Brie 

Location and times: June 22 and 23 @ Union Station

How to Sign Up: Contact Brie! She will have all info to everyone shortly! 


Extra Life Organizer: Lora

Location and times: June 30 @ Linden Square in Gladstone

How to Sign Up: Message Lora


Extra Life Organizer: Lora/Katie

Location and times: July 19-21 @ OP Convention Center

What will be doing?: We will either have a booth or Katie will have flyers at the Midwest Game Fest table! Stay tuned for more information!


Workshop: Pitch, Please! 

Below is a quick summary. A full description can be read on this thread here: 


As an Extra Life volunteer, pitches are your most important skill to develop. For as much money as you can raise on your own, the amount increases exponentially with each additional marathoner and volunteer you can recruit to the cause. A pitch must be attention grabbing, appealing, and most importantly: short. 


Do: Keep it light, speak clearly, and keep it short

Don't: Swear, discuss touchy topics, be pushy


The Hook - Used to get people to approach. Usually a single sentence or two, an attention grabber. 


The Line(s) - A quick summary of who we are and what we do, no more than 15 seconds. This is how you GAUGE INTEREST. 


  • We’re a Children’s Miracle Network affiliate benefitting KUMed Pediatrics. We function sort of like a 5k but instead of running a marathon we have an annual gaming marathon! We raise money year round and 100% of what we raise goes to sick Kansas City area kids.

Have two types of pitches: The Quick & Dirty and the In-Depth. 


The Sinker - Share some swag and close the deal! Don’t feel bad about sweetening the pot. We’ve got some neat buttons and other cute extra life swag as a reward for different beneficial actions.


Next meeting Date:
Next meeting is Wednesday, July 10th at 7pm at a local library (stay tuned)
Workshop: Professional Pitches

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