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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Lornsword Winter Chronicle Aims to Bring RTS to Consoles Later this Year

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Indie developer Tower Five has revealed its upcoming action strategy game, Lornsword Winter Chronicles. The game comes courtesy of Renaud Charpentier, Mattijs van Delden, Nicolas Frath, and Horacio Cassinelli. The team previously worked together on strategy titles for Creative Assembly, but decided to strike out on their own to develop their upcoming early access title that aims to meld action and storytelling in a way many might not have experienced before.


The story-driven action of Lornsword follows the exploits of the general of the Lorn Empire. As the world nears a disastrous precipice, players take on the role of a leader to a struggling group of people and guide them to victory and survival in a world riven by war and magic. What players decide to do on the battlefield will come back to help or haunt them later with a narrative that emphasizes moment-to-moment decision making.  


Co-op stands out as one of Lornsword's unique features. Players can drop in and out of the game's cooperative mode mid-game. This opens up a great number of tactical possibilities for those who can snag a friend to help them in their struggle against enemy factions. 


Screenshot (186).jpg

“We’re very excited about bringing Lornsword Winter Chronicle to Early Access at the end of May,” said Renaud Charpentier, game director at Tower Five. “Action strategy games have been in our blood for many years, so we’re excited to deliver our own take on it that encapsulates that collective experience and expertise.”


What Tower Five has built so far should be immediately recognizable to fans of the RTS genre. The meat and potatoes of gameplay revolves around building up a base, securing resources, making units, and then commanding those units with (hopefully brilliant) tactical ability. However, the developers are attempting to take the game away from its native homeland, the PC, and bring it to consoles. Typically, this has been something of a death sentence for RTS games, but Tower Five will be using the Lornsword's time in Early Access to fine tune it for controller play. Of course, the Early Access will also be a time to take player feedback while the devs create the final two chapters of the game that will conclude the Winter Chronicle. 



Lornsword Winter Chronicle releases on May 30 for PC via Steam Early Access. That release will include the prologue and the first chapter, which will be followed by two additional chapters when the game launches before the end of 2019. 


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