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1st Ever Extra Life Pinball Charity Tournament

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Hey folks!


I am really excited to be bringing Pinball into the mix this year with a pinball tournament on Extra Life play day, November 2nd!

This will be my 10th year taking part in Extra LIfe and now that I play pinball primarily,  it only felt right to run a pinball event for Extra Life.



Pinball Gallery - 81 Lancaster Avenue - Malvern, PA

Tournament Overview

Tournament Date: November 02, 2019

The first ever Roller Rumble will occur November 2nd, where players will be asked to submit scores across a selection of 4 games from the games available. Players will be allowed to play more than one card but must complete the card they are working on before beginning another. The venue is none other than Pinball Gallery, located in Malvern, PA and will be open to the public if seats are still available for the tournament. With more than 70 games at the location, there will be a nice selection of games included in the tournament, and other games available to be played during any downtime. 

Price for pre-registration will be $30, which will cover the cost of full-day admittance to Pinball Gallery, entry into the tournament and your first qualifying card. Games will be set to free play, so no coin drop will be required. 

The top 16 players will then take part in a 1 game, 3 round playoff to determine the winner. Prizes will be rewarded to all players making the playoffs, with the winner earning the Roller Rumble Championship belt, a beautifully built replica belt designed by Undisputed Belts.

All profits from the tournament will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network via the Extra Life charity livestream marathon taking place that day. We hope to see you there!
If you see this,  are in the Philadelphia area, and wish to take part,  I will begin accepting pre-registrations soon. Any questions? email habermanstephenATGmail
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The tournament will be Sunday,  November 3rd at Pinball Galllery in Malven, PA. We already have 10 registrants,  and raised $200!


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