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Introduction Thread

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Hi all!

Kicking this off as a friendly place to stop in and introduce yourself. Share your gamertags or such if you wish!

My name is Austin, I'm an aquarius and I currently I enjoy long walks through the murderous robot filled beaches Venus and alternate universe of horrors called Crota's end. ;)

I'm also a podcaster, a sometimes youtuber and extra casual twitch streamer, but my day job includes being an IT Manager.

Come be friends on PS4 (JunoTPN8R) or Xbox Live (JunoTPN8R).

The first guild meeting was a great experience. Can't wait to meet more enthusiastic Extra Lifers going forward.


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Hello everybody!

I'm Eugene, but most people call me U-E. I wasn't able to get to the first Halifax guild meeting, but hope to make it to them going forward!

I first heard of Extra Life on October 17, 2014, through the Playstation Nation podcast. Gaming and raising money for charity at the same time? Brilliant! I decided to give it a go despite the fact it was only about a week away... I lasted about 10 hours and raised $50!!!! So the $50 was out of my own pocket, who cares?!? It was still $50, haha. Anyway, I hope to do better in 2015 with more than a week's notice!

My gaming ID's are all livinitnluvinit (PSN, Steam, Nintendo Network, Origin).

Connect with me on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and/or Facebook as UEtheGamer.

Hope to hear from more of you at future meetings and in this thread!


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What's happening my brothers and/or sisters?

I'm Greg. I've been participating in Extra Life for five years now. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first Halifax guild meeting, and can't wait for things to get fully underway!

You can find me at various places around the internet.

I co-host a weekly gaming podcast called Player One - www.playeronepodast.com

I produce a web series about the history of the Sega Genesis over here - www.Generation-16.com and www.youtube.com/Generation16

Come find me on Xbox Live at CanadianStewy, or on PSN at stewy, or on twitter @sewart

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and helping to raise even more money for the IWK!

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Hi Everyone,

My name's Matt and I was able to make the first guild meeting and had lots of fun there, and hope to in future meetings!

I play on basically all platforms, playing a mix of whatever's caught my fancy at the time.

My gamertag/PSN ID/Steam etc. is fuzz197.

Can't wait to see everyone again at the next guild meeting


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Hey :)

Allison here - was great to meet some of you at the first meeting! Looking forward to meeting those that couldn't attend at that time.

I can't wait to see what we can do as a group - we have so much potential!

I'm a casual gamer - would love to more often if only time would allow!

Feel free to connect with me on:

Steam - allicat1980

Origin - Alleycatxo

Twitter - Alleycatxo

Have a good one!

Allison :)

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Hello All!

I met a few of you at Hal-Con yesterday so I figured I'd officially introduce myself, my name is Angela. This will be my first extra life and I'm really excited to be participating this year.

I'm a full time student, part time employee and life long nerd. I'm looking forward to meeting most of you this week at the meeting.

I have a steam account full of unplayed games: Vivimus prime
PSN/Instagram/Twitter: Vivimusprime
I think you can search me on facebook with that name too.

See you all soon.



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Hi everyone!


My name is Torradas (Tyler Hill IRL) and I am a Twitch Streamer on the channel http://www.twitch.tv/ccandagaming and I am a first time Extra Life Participant. I am very pleased to be a part of this great fundraising initiative and hope to succeed with our 24 Hour Stream on November the 4th.


Hope to see you guys around!




- Tyler

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