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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:The Developers of PUBG Announce Roguelike RPG Mistover

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Mistover Battle.jpg


Krafton Game Union, formerly Bluehole, has announced their next upcoming game, a stylish rougue-like RPG named Mistover. With an artstyle reminiscent of indie games like Darkest Dungeon and the dungeon-delving of a JRPG, Mistover definitely should be on your radar for Summer 2019 releases.


Bluehole made a name for itself with the popular MMO Tera and followed it up with the Battle Royale sensation PlayerUnknown's Battle Grounds. Two years ago, they announced a new MMO with steampunk airship combat, Ascent: Infinite Realm, that has yet to release. Last year, it announced a rebranding effort to dub itself Krafton Game Union, a collection of developers that can tackle a wider variety of game projects. The first fruit of that change seems to be Mistover. Mistover represents a scaled back, focused project that appears to be aimed at a more niche audience than typical for MMOs or competitive shooters. It's definitely an exciting and interesting direction for the South Korea-based company. 


Mistover takes place in a world ravaged by a mysterious anomaly called the Pillar of Despair. After wiping out most civilizations, the Kingdom of Arta remains standing as the final holdout against total societal collapse. Heroes from across the world gather in the kingdom to band together and survive. In order to learn more about the enemy, Arta forms heroes into corps and sends them into the Pillar of Despair's mists to fight its monsters, discover its treasures, and perhaps even find a way to survive its terrible onslaught. 


Exploration Mistover.jpg


Described by its creators as a combination of Darkest Dungeon and Etrian Odyssey, surviving in the Pillar of Despair takes quite a bit of strategy and a fair bit of luck. Each foray into the mist poses dangers to the health, sanity, equipment, and supplies of the player's heroes, the potent energies of the Pillar threaten to warp any and everything that it encounters. While adapting to new challenges, players will need to explore new areas in a grid-based expedition mode, fighting only when necessary. Using exploration abilities to keep hidden and obtain loot will be incredibly important during this phase. If, however, combat begins, the turn-based battle system should prove interesting to RPG veterans. While individual characters can perform their own abilities and attacks, choosing the correct formations can allow your heroes to coordinate maneuvers and perform more advanced attacks.      


Players will need to assemble their team out of a number of unique classes. These classes include Witch, Shadow Blade, Grim Reaper, Paladin, Ronin, Sister, Werewolf, and Onmyouji. With the right combination and strategies, players will be able to overcome the dangers of each procedurally generated dungeon. With deadly traps, poisoned food, and the ever constant threat of monsters, it'll take everything players have to survive and uncover the secrets of the Pillar of Despair.



It looks similar in style to Darkest Dungeon, which recently announced a sequel. However, the addition of dungeon crawling and some more in-depth RPG mechanics definitely seem to be vital additions to the "gloomy, but beautifully aesthetic roguelike" genre. Also, small touch, but I adore that they named the werewolf character Beo. Beo-wolf, heh. Anyway, seeing this developer shift toward something that's focused on a strong single-player experience rather than the multiplayer chaos of an MMO or Battle Royale definitely has my attention more than something like PUBG 2 or an expansion to Tera might. Here's hoping Krafton's first single-player RPG finds its audience.  


Mistover will release on Nintendo Switch and PC later this summer. Those who want to get a preview of what Mistover has in store and are attending PAX East March 28-31 will be able to catch Krafton Game Union at the show for a playable demo. 


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