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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Veteran Modder Releases Their Swansong Adventure Mod of Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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After over a decade of developing story-driven mods using a variety of different engines and subject matter, Dark Craft Studios has released their final mod. Titled The Shadow of the Ramlord, this standalone adventure game takes players on a macabre journey through an occult mansion to unravel a dark conspiracy along the way. Dark Craft Studios describes it as Lovecraftian adventure that's light on deliberate scares, but heavy on story, atmosphere, and environmental storytelling. 


Caecea Manor takes center stage in The Shadow of the Ramlord. Consumed by the desire to summon the deeply evil Ramlord, an entity of inexplicable evil, the Baron who calls Caecea home has conducted ever more grotesque experiments. His wife, imprisoned deep within the manor, managed to smuggle out a desperate cry for help. Roped into undertaking a rescue, the player embarks to delve into the secrets of Caecea Manor and in the process discovers "an intricate, disquieting narrative through the occult, madness, and despair." 


The Shadow of the Ramlord was developed using the tools that came with Amnesia: The Dark Descent and it's sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Veterans of both games will notice a number of assets repurposed from the original games used to fill out a grisly new world. The game is designed to be more contemplative than a straight horror title. If typical horror games are too scary or the anxiety of jump scares puts you off, The Shadow of the Ramlord might just be more your speed. The adventure takes about an hour to complete in full and is free. Below you can see a teaser for the mod released last year.



You can download The Shadow of the Ramlord for free from ModDB.


The adventure will be the last one released by Dark Craft Studios. Glenn Winklemann Jr. founded the studio in 2009 to pursue opportunities to expand and hone his writing skills. The studio created three mods, each standalone titles in their own right: The Worry at Newport, Triptych, and now The Shadow of the Ramlord. The first two were developed using CryEngine 2 that shipped with the original Crysis. Winklemann Jr. put out a statement along with the release of the The Shadow of the Ramlord that reads: 

This will be the end of a long road for me. With the release of this project, I am officially retiring from video game/mod design. Dark Craft Studios will have its symbolic doors closed, and I will transition to simply writing. It has been the throughline for all of my projects from the very first in 2009 to the final, today, in 2019. I'm hoping to hone my craft and take serious interest in professionally developing that hobby into something tangible for me. Unfortunately that means leaving the world of video games behind as a creative mind. With that said, I hope you all enjoy The Shadow of the Ramlord as the swansong for Dark Craft Studios. It has been nearly a decade spent with all of you in some way, and it will take me time to reflect and absorb that chapter turn.

A decade of efforts is a long time to devote to anything, especially to undertaking complex endeavors life coordinating and writing the creation of entire games in exchange for nothing. At the very least, Dark Craft Studio's previous three projects are worth a look and a play if you have the opportunity. They're all free and incredibly impressive, each with an interesting and complex story with an eldritch tinge. Best of luck to the Winklemann Jr. and everyone who contributed to the studio's final swansong to interactive storytelling.



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