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Kickoff meeting 2019 recap

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Hey all this past Saturday we had our kickoff meeting for this year at the Odenton public library.




First I just want to say it was so awesome to see so many new faces interested in plugging into the guild(as well as some familiar faces ^_^)


We started the meeting off with introductions where everyone  said a little bit about themselves including what types of games they play.


After that it was time to dig into some food. chick-fil-a was provided by the hospital.( Thanks Cindy!)


Sarah went over a brief presentation about what it is to participate in the guild as a volunteer.


Some numbers to keep in mind:

Johns Hopkins Children's Center raised 120k in 2017 and 111k last year(2018) last year we had about 30 less gamers signed up to participate.


upcoming conventions

some of the next conventions we have coming up are:

Cecilcon -April 12 and 13th

Awesomecon -April 26th-28th


We were unable to get a table at Katsucon this year.


New things for this year

one of the things we would like to do this year is reach out to student organizations at college campuses to have them host some events.

We also want to reach oit to local game stores and see if they would be interested in hosting some events.


New Role

We are looking to add a new role this year to the guild. The title "quartermaster" was discussed. The main duuties of this role wouldbe to keep track of and store our current inventory, getting table setups to and from the conventions. Multiple people expressed interest in helping with this so we may have a committee and one person as head of that commitee.


Sarah's is planning on going over some training to help volunteers which may include some role playing. We would have the table set up just like we would at a con so people can see our basic setup and we can go from there.



Sarah is going to follow up with paul about the possibility of us utilising Salesforce


Next meeting

a spesific date wasn't chosen for the next meeting but we intend to have one in march. We will post when a date is decided.



after the meeting we enjoyed a bit of gaming of course! Many people brought some board and card games to play. It was a blast getting to meet and hangout with everyone!

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