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Marcus Stewart

Gaming News:Anthem's Launch Trailer Brings The Hype

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Depending on what platform you own and the subscription service you're signed up for, Anthem launches either February 15 for early birds or the 22nd for everyone else. Get hyped for Bioware's shared world shooter with a launch trailer designed to rocket anticipation to the stratosphere. 


The bombastic trailer doesn't reveal much that hasn't been shown already in terms of gameplay. It does, however, look very cool. Check it out to determine where the game sits on your excitement meter. 



Like Destiny, Anthem drops players into a shared alien world as Freelancers who pilot high-tech suits called Javelins. In addition to tackling enemy factions, Freelancers must also contend with dangerous fauna and violent weather events. Anthem recently wrapped up its open beta. It experienced several server issues, largely during its early VIP period for pre-order customers.


Looking forward to Anthem? Let us know in the comments!


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