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Michael Gray

Facebook Streaming Integration


Hey everyone! I know it is new within the last year but i was wondering if anyone knew if there was plans to integrate Facebook live streaming into extra life pages. I think it is great that they have been able to integrate twitch and mixer, but as someone who is trying to build a gaming page on Facebook it would be nice to be able to link that page as well. I realize it may be a different undertaking on the technical side but i wanted to throw the question out there.


Thanks everyone!

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Hello Michael!


Offhand I've not seen, read, or heard anything about it specifically.  But I'm sure in Extra Life/DonorDrive's CD/CI UX (Continuous Development/Continuous Improvement User Experience) Agile Happy Fun Scrum Scrummy meetings it made it on a list.  And wasn't selected for iteration the first or so rounds.  Somewhat long corporate terminological jab short I would definitely at least submit it in either of these preferred methods for you.


Also make your voice heard even more so by submitting feedback in these ways.

- support@extra-life.org <- General EL Qs Not Answerable in Community Forums/Discord

- https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.contactUs


And join us all for all that real time Extra Life / Extra Life United goodness at the Official Extra Life Discord!

- https://discord.gg/extralife4kids


o/  ;)

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