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2019 Conventions and Recruiting Events Megathread

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As with previous years, Washington D.C. Extra Lifers are welcome (and encouraged) to volunteer at our events.


I will be updating this main post throughout the 2019 fundraising season and keeping a changelog in the comments.  For general information about upcoming events, this is your one-stop-shop.  You can also follow the Calendar for our guild.  Most event-specific details will be on the individual pages, which I'll be linking here.  I will update the status of various conventions and events on this thread, and will be notifying you when additional events have been added.  You should click on the Follow button at the top of this post to make sure you get updates.


THIS THREAD WILL BE LOCKED TO REPLIES UNTIL AFTER GAME DAY.  Please address any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding specific events on their page.  If you'd like to suggest an event that we're not already working with, please send a PM to the following: @Sarah @NodnarbDude @Ceraph1216



Cecil Con, Apr 12-13

AwesomeCon, Apr 26-28

Otakon, July 26-28

Tentative - BronyCon, Aug 1-4



Katsucon, Feb 16-18

Artscape/Gamescape, Jul 19-21

Baltimore Comic Con, Oct 18-20




Super Smash Con

Shore Leave, Jul 12-14

Blerd Con, Jul 12-14

AnimeUSA, Nov 1-3

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Official Super MAGfest event post linked:  


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  • Otakon is 100% confirmed for this year; I talked to our contact last weekend at MAGFest.
  • I just sent an e-mail to our contact for BlerdCon, who I also ran into at MAGFest.  Hoping we'll be able to get in there this year!
  • I sent in the application for AwesomeCon for 2019 today.  We will not receive notice of whether or not we've been selected to participate until March 8, 2019, or later.  We are unfortunately not guaranteed a table at this event from year to year, although I will continue to try to build a relationship with the event where possible.

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