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December Discord Meeting Recap

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The main topic for this meeting was Magfest which is the first weekend in january.

Magfest schedule



Sarah 1-7

Cami(helping early)



Sarah 11-5

Aaron 12-3

Artrem 2-7



Drew 11-5

James 11-5(tentatively)

Aaron 12-3

Artem 3-9

Tiny 5-9(tentatively)


Sunday(includes breakdown)

Sarah 10-4(probably sooner)

Artem 10-4(probably sooner)


Also John mentioned he can fill in briefly for bathroom breaks throughout the weekend if need be.


Action Item

Sarah and Drew will work on getting some more(2019) brochures printed before Magfest and double check the candy inventory. 


2019 Con Schedule

Magfest: jan. 3rd-6th

Katsucon: feb. 15th-17th

Cecilcon April 12th-13th

Awesomecon April 26th-28th

Free comic book day May 4th

Balticon May 24th-27th

Shore leave july 12th-14th

Blerdcon july 12th-14th

Artscape july 19th-21st

Otakon july 26th-29th

Baltimore comicon oct 18th-20th

Prattcon (couldn't find 2019 date)


(Some of these we do every year, some we want to add for this year)


Some New Things

we may look into getting some new things for next year like another table cloth,new sign(with url printed BIG),horizontal banner.


Year End Party

we are having our year end party for everyone who helped out in 2018 in January 19th(after magfest) at noon


Next Meeting

February 9th at noon will be our kickoff meeting!

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