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When I would try to send announcement emails to people about Extra Life, the emails would not send until 8 am the next day or later. This was acceptable before the event started, but really frustrating on November 3rd when I wanted to let people know my stream was officially live. The message I sent on November 3rd did not arrive until 8 am November 5th, way after I had crashed and gone to bed from the marathon.


Is this delay standard? I would like to avoid this issue next year if possible.

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Hey @VeroJade,


I to experienced this issue.  After working with Donordrive Support, https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.contactUs,  there is a process that all emails must go through before they are sent out, so a batch of emails might take longer to be processed and then sent out.  They weren't able to get a specific time frame for that process.  So not sure what the number of recipients triggers it.  But it appears that this is expected behavior for the time being.


Definitely know what product feedback, amongst some other constructive things like the message editor! ;0 ;~), at the next Extra Life United 2019!!


o/  ;)

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