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Your 2018 Extra Life Stories!

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Ever Extra Life event is different and we all have different experiences. 

Lets here yours! What did you play? Did you do anything crazy fun for incentives? What would do differently for 2019? 

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I feel that as a Guild this was an off-year for Extra Life Winnipeg but I would still say that it was a successful year.


We were not able to organize a public gaming event for Gameday like we have in years past but we were able to bring awareness to Extra life to a new demographic. On November 3rd, 2018 we were invited to participate in the first-ever Video Game Night held by the Manitoba Moose. We were able to set up a table and talk to attendees about Extra Life during the game. We had a number of parents and their kids participate in a game of Blades of Steel and we also had our own 1v1 Blades of Steel matchups being recorded while we were there.


As I write this, I am very excited to hear that over $41,000 was raised for the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba in 2018 through Extra Life.

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