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Calling all iRacers! Inaugural Extra Life 150

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Hello everyone! 

This is my first post to the Extra Life community but I'm a long-time lurker and 3rd year Extra Lifer. This year my team is hosting the first-ever (that we know of) official Extra Life race on iRacing for game night. We're calling it the Extra Life 150 and it will be held at the Lucas Oil Raceway for the Late Model on November 3rd. Race details are below but entry into the Extra Life 150 is a $5 or more gift to my portion of our campaign at The race will also be broadcast live on the Full Throttle TV network! 


It is my goal to make this the official iRacing Extra Life event each year. So if you race, please come out and join us. We currently have 11 drivers signed up to run and would always love more! If you have question please feel free to contact me directly at


Race Details

·         Car: Asphalt Late Model

·         Track: Lucas Oil Raceway (150 laps)

·         Weather: Night – iRacing Default

·         Set up: iRacing Fixed

·         Fast repairs: 1

·         Cautions: On

·         Entry into the Extra Life 150 is a $5 or more donation to the campaign

·         Winner takes home $30

·         Second place takes home $10

·         Third-Fifth place takes home DJ3 Extra Life team swag

·         Cash prize are NOT awarded from donations collected. Donations are 100% tax deductible. Our sponsors will pick up the tab for the prize money. 


Race Schedule

·         Practice: 8PM ET – 1 hour

·         Qualifying: 9PM ET – 5 minutes/2 Laps

·         Qualifying session will be 10 minutes in length with the final 5 being devoted to the drivers meeting. All drivers should make their lap prior to the 5 minute mark. Any driver recording a time post-5 minutes will be given and EOL penalty before the green flag.

·         Drivers meeting: 9:05PM ET – 5 Minutes

·         Green Flag: 9:10PM ET

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I will absolutely keep you posted as we progress with things in 2019. We're kicking around the idea of hosting a league with a couple of races monthly, so there should be a fair amount of content associated with that when it starts. In the meantime, my personal Twitch is Coxz6 and I usually stream my races from the in-car view. You're welcome to throw that up there anytime. I run an Extra Life sponsored car most of the time. 

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