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Guild Meeting June/July 2018

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Meeting notes for the months of June and July.



  1.  Introductions

    1. Cheryl Wisdom - Vice President

    2. David Cameron - Secretary

    3. Randall Philippi - Member

  2. Recap Events

    1. Change in Leadership

      1. Taylor has resigned from President of Extra Life Sacramento Guild. Cheryl will step up as President and David will set up as Vice-President. We will be looking for members to take the position of Secretary. If you are interested please contact us.

    2. National Guild Discord Meeting

    3. Extra Life Achievement Badge Kits are arriving!

      1. Most of you can now recruit local Extra Lifers with the new "Achievement Badge" kits! Reward new participants for joining, donating to and sharing Extra Life!! SHARE pictures of your booths and tables in action with these awesome new kits!

      2. The Achievement Badge Event kit is designed to encourage new   and existing Extra Lifers to JOIN the movement, FUNDRAISE for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and SHARE Extra Life with their friends, family and communities!

    4. Guild Guidebook is (FINALLY) here!

      1. It's time to pull out the shredders and say goodbye to the previous handbook, because the new, improved and totally sparkling Guild Guidebook has arrived!


    5. Children’s Miracle Network Donor Appreciation Dinner

      1. On June 27th, Cheryl and David attended the CMN Donor Appreciation Event. Donors and fundraisers were thanked for their contributions to CMN

    6. Shockramento

    7. CFD at Capitol Event Center

  3. Upcoming Events

    1. Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend

      1. August 25-26th

    2. Minefaire - September

      1. Sept 22-23

      2. Booth cost $245


      4. Attraction ideas?

        1. VR Minecraft

        2. Pictures with a “Creeper”

    3. Guild Meetup Party - Reschedule

  4. Networking

    1. Need new members and contacts!

  5. Additional/After Meeting Thoughts

    1. Sacramento Guild Party - continue planning


Next Meeting:   TBD

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