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Jack Gardner

Feature: Raise a Dragon and Corner the Restaurant Industry in Little Dragons Café

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Yasuhiro Wada, the designer behind the Harvest Moon franchise and Story of Seasons returns for a brand new title from TOYBOX Inc. Published by Aksys Games, Little Dragons Café has players managing the day to day affairs of a  struggling café on the edge of civilization. 


Initially, players control one of two twin siblings, either a boy or a girl. Their working mom keeps them afloat by tending to their out of the way café, until one day she comes down with an illness that leaves her in a deep, unshakable sleep. Distraught, the children are visited by a quirky itinerant wizard. The strange old man presents the pair with a large egg and tells them that they must raise a dragon to adulthood to obtain the rare ingredient needed to wake their mother from her slumber.


However, two kids can't really give a dragon the quality of life it needs to thrive without money! In order to support the business, the dragon, and themselves, the brother and sister have to take the reins of their little capitalist enterprise and turn it into a true tourist destination. To do that, they'll need all the help they can get between the abilities of their dragon, the wizard, a the motley crew of misfits who, for one reason or another, begin pitching in to make the café a success. 




While the other members of the team serve vital functions in the day-to-day running of the café, the dragon steals the show in terms of usefulness. Players can use the creature to discover new recipes in the wilds around their café as well as reach rare and delicious ingredients. Players will be responsible for raising their dragon. Feed it properly, nurture it with kindness and love, and it will grow larger. With each growth, the dragon gains new abilities, more stamina, and abilities - even flight. All of these a enable players to reach distant parts of the land to discover the rarest of ingredients and even long-lost legendary recipes that will bring more customers to the out-of-the-way little dragons café.


With enough money, players can expand their cafe's facilities in a number of ways to better serve the ever increasing demands of the clientele. Every new recipe, if used correctly and made with the best ingredients, can help leave customers delighted and satisfied, helping to bring in more customers in the future. To get your hands on the freshest ingredients, players will have to grow produce themselves. Farm the land for fresh friends and veggies. Fish in the ocean to catch fish both common and rare. In these activities, it's really easy to spot the Harvest Moon influence.




To get more clients, players have to ensure that not only their service is up to the task, but also that they show kindness and compassion for their neighbors. Little Dragons Café takes this quite literally by adding a popularity mechanic where if players help their neighbors, they (and by extension their cafe) becomes more popular. With enough money, effort, and time players will be able to unlock the secrets of their island home, cure their mother, and run the best gosh darn dragon café in all the lands! 



Little Dragons Cafe will release on August 24 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 


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