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Guild Meeting Notes 8/1

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Guild Meeting 8/1


1. Numbers

Money Raised - $12,299

Registered - 101

We're a little under what we were at this time last year.


2. Game Day with Kids

Today's game day was great. We really need more volunteers from the guild to come. Game Days are going to start being exclusive opportunities for sponsors and big teams. Some companies donate a certain amount based on volunteer hours. Right now we're trying to get Dell, Microsoft, and the Married to the Games podcast guys to come. 

We're also working on getting new TV's from Dell. The ones we have now are not in good condition.


3. Recruitment

We have one pagers now you can give to people that are interested in Extra Life. There's one for companies, one for schools, and one for groups/individuals. This is a good conversation starter to get some basic information about Extra Life out there and if they want to go forward more with it they can contact Casey about deeper sponsorship/donations.


4. Microsoft

Lydia and Casey had a meeting with Shannon from the Microsoft Store at Green Hills. They may be getting a little involved in Game Days with the Kids, bringing consoles to use, sending volunteers, possibly bringing the new accessible controller. They're also doing their own Extra Life stream at some point they're trying to get some streamers to get involved in it in the actual store. 


5. Grand Ole Gameroom - November 9 - 11

This is obviously the weekend after our event. We've been talking to them on and off about some type of partnership with these guys. They've expressed they could provide consoles for our Game Day and we'll have some type of partnership with them for their event. Still working out the details.


6. Game Day 2018 - November 3rd - Tech Hill Commons

We spent a lot of time talking about Game Day this year. In the past it's been open to everyone, this year we're going to shift away from that and make it exclusive to guild members, streamers, sponsors, big teams, etc. The purpose of Game Day is to raise funds and the primary model for that is to focus on the live stream throughout the year. Game Day should really be a culmination of the year...kind of a celebration. We're unable to do that in the past because we've been trying to run a public event. This year we're going to make it more private. We'll still have a PC area, a console area, and we're going to work on figuring something out for the tabletop area. We might do that as a separate event. There's a lot around this, if you have any questions please ask. We'll be discussing Game Day more next month as it gets closer.


7. Next Meeting

September 5th 6 p.m. @ Bongo Java East. 

We're doing a percentage giveback night! 10% of profits from 5 p.m. - Close will come to Extra Life! We'll have a facebook event to share soon and have our meeting there. Tell yo friends!


Don't forget to join the discord channel!

Like us on facebook:


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