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I have friends/coworkers who want to participate with me. Any tips/suggestions on group Extra Life-ing?

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In my seven years of doing Extra Life, I think I've finally brought friends and coworkers over to the dark side ?


Just this past week, I was talking about my plans for this year's marathon and a friend of mine expressed interest in finally participating this year. He then asked some mutual friends/coworkers if they'd be down and it seems like I could finally have some partners to play games with for the kids. Hooray for friends!


I've never done Extra Life with a group of people before, so I wanted to reach out to the badass community and get some ideas/tips on doing Extra Life with a group of friends.


Off the top of my head, here are some things I've come up with:


  • I first noted the tactical advantage of Extra Life-ing in a group - we can split up the 24 hours amongst each other (so 4 people play 6 hours each, for example).
  • Having friends who do other things to help is always appreciated. Be it providing noms, support, and pets :D
  • To drive up interest, I noted that stuff like board games and DnD count as gaming. I have a handful of friends who are really into DnD so combined with splitting up hours, a 6-8 hour DnD sesh could work!
  • I'm big on stretch goals, so I suggested people could donate and we do silly things in return (i.e donate X and we'll play your choice of song on Rock Band).
  • We could possibly have a big shared space to use on Game Day, which means groups can split off (i.e one group plays video games, one group does DnD, etc). Obviously streaming will require some work, but we have time to figure it out :)


Any others do Extra Life with a group of people? Any tips of the trade for a greenhorn streamer?

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Marathon Day with a group/friends is a blast!  Reach out to the local EL Guild closest to you and see what their plans are, you may be able to unite forces.  Your idea of variety has worked well for our group in the past; table top, PC, console, card games, and don't forget to include some sort physical activity just to get your heart rate up and let your eyes re-focus off of a screen.  When our Guild hosts larger group events we sometimes implement a simple tournament, to up the stakes for friendly competition.  Make the expectations clear for all new participants that the event is supposed to be fun!  No one should feel pressure to hit fundraising goals or feel bad about not going a full 24 hours, so make it a positive experience for everyone and you may hook some our your friends on Extra Life for the long run.  Good luck!!!

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