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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Huge Multiplayer Expansion to No Man's Sky Receives Release Date and Teaser

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No Man's Sky was one of the most hyped games of this generation. Many people who got their hands on it felt profoundly disappointed when it didn't fully live up to their expectations (though I was not one of those people). Despite a massive backlash that included attempts to sue Hello Games for false advertising, the studio continued their work on the title with the help of its small, but strong community


Updates since its launch have added base-building, ground vehicles, more music, additional weapons, a camera mode, new world types, over 30 hours of story content, increased resolution support, and more. The Next Update will be the most game changing alteration to Hello Game's infinite universe yet as it will bring true multiplayer to the previously mostly single-player game. Friends will be able to travel the galaxy together, building and surviving as a group rather than as a solo player. This opens up all kinds of possibilities like space piracy and player-made galactic hubs for communal living and trade. 



The No Man's Sky Next update will also herald the release of the title on Xbox One. So, when does all of this hit players? Those who own the title will be able to download the free update next week on July 24!


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