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July Guild Meeting Recap

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Hey all this is the recap for yesterdays guild meeting. We met at the family game store in savage mill. 


Attendence-7 in person, 2 via discord




 since its is this coming weekend we spent alot of time talking about it. Detailed instructions for the event are going to be emailed to Drew on Monday but this is The schedule for volunteering we came up with is as follows. 

Thursday setup



Aaron 10am-2pm

Artem 1pm-6pm

Brandon 3pm-9pm


James 10am-3pm

Artem 10am-3pm

Drew 3pm-9pm

John 3pm-9pm


Sarah 10am-2pm

Brandon 10am-2pm


For those driving the Fitzgerald is supposed to be the best parking garage to park at but you'll have to check that day to see the best way to get there because many streets will be blocked off. 

Also we are going to have a "fancy donation jug" at the table. We aren't going to be asking for donation but we'll have one for the people that aren't interested in participating but want to give a little something. 



The gentlemen at the family game store joined us for a portion of the meeting as well. Sarah shared contact info so we can coordinate some things in the future. Maybe have a person at sombre of their events share about extra life or a possible guild game day. 

Th he game store has a game night every Saturday from 6pm until midnight, they have a booster draft for magic every Saturday after a new set comes out and a huge turnout for prerealese.


Otakon August 9th-12th

We are confirmed but we will work on details as it gets closer. 


Cindy is going to look into the 98 rock/ Game truck idea. 


Artem visited his local gamestops and was informed that they switch out their promo materials on july 22nd. We are not sure if it's the same date for all game stops but we are going to try and visit or local gamestops on the 22nd to see what we can get. 



We are going to try to do something on a Thursday night for a social meetup more info to come. Some ideas for the fall that were mentioned are a murder mystery train ride, the new fantastic beats movie in November. 


The numbers

we have 293 gamers registered up from

229 in 2017 and

209 in 2016


Anime USA is in October 19th-21st

We might look into being at this con. 


Or next meeting will be a discord meeting Aug. 4th(one week before otakon) at 11am


Our next in person meeting is Friday August 24th at 7:30pm at crabtowne in glen burnie.






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The best way to get to the Fitzgerald during Artscape is off of North Ave just past the entrance to 83. Take North Ave East past 83 and make a right on to Maryland Ave. It will likely be blocked off before you get to Mt. Royal, but just take the right at the traffic light just before Mt. Royal (W Oliver St). Your only option from there should be to turn into the Fitzgerald but it's the big parking garage on your right. I hope that helps!

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