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May & June 2018 - Guild Meeting

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[May's meeting was a more social meeting there were very few highlights to it.] 


This Month's Meeting: June 4 2018 - 7:30pm

Location:  Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON

RSVP: here / Facebook


Can't make it to the meeting? We are hosting an online time to discuss what happened/ gather any other input. 

Date: June 9th at Noon



Anime North

  • Thank you

  • Raised $135

  • Want to look at alternative ways to do this event


Meeting with SickKids

  • They are planning on doing their IGN adverts again this year

  • New Pins & Booth Business

  • Show of the fancy new swag

  • Briefly explain how it works

  • Going to give us more videos and assets to hand over to people who stream (including seasonal videos)

  • They are still piloting tap to pay. They said we would be one of the first to know when it comes out.

  • Sickkids Ambassadors (getting them educated on Extra Life so they have another avenue to sell fundraising for the hospital. Also if there are places we want to talk to/visit away from the city they can help do that for us)


Volunteer Opportunities

[Please contact @Descrier / admin@extralifetoronto.com for more details about volunteering!] 

Twitch Meetup

  • August 18th

  • Possible all day event

  • Brought up the idea of a charity streaming panel

Tabletop Appreciation Weekend

  • August 25 - 26

  • @GravenTheRed is reaching out to some local stores, if you want to chat with him about reaching out to your fav game store please get a hold of him.

  • Brought up reach out to not only game stores but places like “A Games

Fan Expo

  • Looking into partnering

  • Regardless we are looking for volunteers cause we will have a booth if we don't partner

  • Trying to figure out ways to get more exposure on where the community booths are this year.


  • October 26-28

  • Kenny was able to get us a booth spot


Group Questions/ Discussion

Game day

  • Things are moving forward

  • Raider is going to be closed for the month of July to do renovations and re-branding.


Donation matching

  • Grant for sponsorship

  • Need a letter from Sickkids proving we are a real partnered charity


Donation Fundraising Ideas:

  • Bake sales at work

  • Saving a dollar per paycheck to put towards your own page

  • Kickstarter style stretch goals


Next Month's Meeting: July 9th 2018

Location: TBD 

RSVP: Here

Discord Meeting: July 14th Noon 

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