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April 2018 - Guild Meeting

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This Month's Meeting: April 9th 2018 - 7:30pm

Location:  Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON

RSVP: here


Can't make it to the meeting? We are hosting an online time to discuss what happened/ gather any other input.



  • They released the totals from Extra Life 2017: $11,124,217!

  • Raised over $40K during ELU

  • Sickkids brough home $17,150  


  • Thank you to our volunteers


Volunteer Opportunities

Twitch Meetup

  • April 28th

  • Raiders 7pm - 11pm

  • Looking for volunteers (2) - We secured both volunteers during in person meeting


International Tabletop Day

  • April 28th

  • 401 Games expressed interest in doing another one [vaughan location]

    • Never heard from them

    • Few people have talked about just going to hang out anyways

  • What are your plans?

    • We can send you with postcards

    • Divide and conquer to reach more people


Anime North

  • May 25-27 (mostly Saturday & Sunday)

  • Looking for volunteers contact @Descrier

  • Stay and play


Group Questions/ Discussion

Social event

  • Bowling May 7th  

Community forms /Discord

  • Online meeting this saturday at noon. Mostly a recap of things for people who couldn't be here but everyone is welcome to come hang out

  • Posted Raiders Discord Link in our discord.

Game day

  • Kenny is taking on the event for Game Day.

  • He’s hosting and event at Raiders and people are welcome to come out.

  • Focus on gaming and leaving the event organization / volunteering to other people

  • Any ideas and thoughts please let us know!

Overwatch Beer League

  • Hosted at Raiders on Sunday afternoons (twice a month)

  • Will be hosting playoffs

  • Hoping to continue it next year and have multiple seasons per year.


Next Month's Meeting: May 7th 2018

Location: Raiders Esports Centre [49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto]

RSVP: Here


[Sorry for the delay in posting these] 

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