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June guild meeting recap

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This months meeting was a discord meeting.



Numbers so far

we currently have 258 gamers signed up and $5,810 dollars raised. Last year we had 199 gamers signed up and $5,260 dollars raised around this time.


Upcoming cons


-Prattcon is this coning Saturday the 23rd. Its a small one day con at the Pratt Free Library in Holland town. John and I will be manning a table.


-Diversitycon is a one day con at Amazing Spiral(a local comic book shop in north baltimore) This is a small one day con as well. James said at a previous meeting he would try to man a table here.


-Artscape July 20th-22nd

We are working to get a table at gamescape again this year. We had missed the deadline to get into the nonprofit charity table area of the main part of artscape. If we want to try again for next year we will have to send out emails in the fall of this year.


-Blerdcon is a one day con on July27th

Sarah said she has yet to recieve a response from Blerdcon so it's likely we wont have a table here but she is going to try to reach out once more just to try.


-Bitgen is a gaming music concert type deal at the ottobar in Remington on Saturday July 28th. We're not sure if they would even have space for a table for us but Sarah said she would check into it.


-Sarah mentioned a Minecraft event in the fall(octoberish) that Drew had previously mentioned. We couldnt remember the name of the event but we'll  look into it as it gets closer.


-Sarah mentioned following up with Bar point and scyfi convention at some point.


New CMN Partnership

as some of you may have heard CMN has partnered with Gamestop.

On that note Sarah asked if we could all try to stop by our local gamestops over the next month or so to see if we could get swag donations to use as raffle prizes for upcoming events. Basically we go to local gamestops ask them if they heard of extra life,tell them a bit about what we do, and ask if they have any extra promotional materials that they would like to donate.


Children's National

Sarah mentioned the Children's National (DC guild) is trying to get up and running again. We would love to have any help from them we can and to also help them out as well. Just think of what we can accomplish in the Maryland/Virginia area if we wirk together!


98 rock/Game truck

we still need to look into doing something with the guys from 98 rock. Possibly involving a game truck.


Reminder Follow-ups

Cynthia and Sarah wanted a reminder to follow up with Skyline.


Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for July 14th at 10 am  at the family game store in savage mill. Note the time 10 am. We usually do a noon meeting but I believe at the last meeting it was brought up that others had things going on later in the day. This is also one week before artscape.



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