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Guild Meeting May 2018

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Here are the notes from the May 2018 meeting:



  1. Introductions

    1. Cheryl Wisdom

    2. David Cameron

    3. Taylor Balbi

    4. Randall Philippi

    5. Remington Millan

    6. Darold Parcon - His first official meeting!! :D

  2. Recap Events

    1. Western Festival - May 5th and 6th, Cheryl and David

      1. $20 raised, 7 people signed up

      2. How can we improve next year? Current ideas:     

        1. Tote bags

        2. Raffle items

        3. See if we can get 2 tent spaces so we can include some arcade games

        4. More Extra Life specific swag

        5. Event is similar to Sac Republic, what works there?

  3. Upcoming Events

    1. National Guild Discord Meeting - May 30th 7:30pm MST (Cheryl will take notes and share them with the rest of the guild)

    2. Shockramento - SF Shock/Boston Uprising at Crest, JUNE 1st 6:30pm - 10:30pm

    3. CFD at Capitol Event Center - Saturday, June 9th 12pm

  4. Networking

    1. Owner of the Game Room of Elk Grove, George Horch, has agreed to partner up with us and host us for future meetings or gatherings we would like to have at their location.

    2. Partnering up with Jason Galit and Knighted Neighbors at one of their events, email them and plan it out.

    3. Darold Parcon - Turnkey Photo Booth, possible convention booth connections….more details to come!

  5. Additional/After Meeting Thoughts

    1. Vice President vote

      1. Vote passed - Cheryl promoted to Vice President, David made Secretary

    2. Sacramento Guild Party - let’s plan this

      1. Guild Members Meet-Up - June 30th at Coin-Op

      2. Public Mixer - Saturday, August 25th(?) Game Room of Elk Grove

    3. Ideas to improve guild participation

      1. Continue open communication, no idea is a bad idea.

      2. Have more Meet-Up parties

    4. Guild Swag:

      1. volunteer trading cards and display folder (put a face to the gamers for people to look at during conventions), maybe even “miracle kid cards” too?

      2. Keychains BIG hit! (thank you Randall)

    5. Looked back into creating the leadership position in charge of keeping up team morale - motivator/morale officer


Next Meeting: Sunday, June 24th @ Game Room of Elk Grove (?)



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