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Meeting Notes May 2018

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Extra Life Kansas City Guild

Meeting Notes

May 9th at the Microsoft Store in Oak Park Mall

Game Day is November 3rd




TwitchKC meetup at 6pm this Saturday!


Guild Information:

1) We increase funds and awareness for local children's hospitals

2) Together we Save kids' lives through rallying and connecting local

3) Purpose of the Guild is to Register, Fund Raise, and Get Social!

4) Check out the Handbook and Guild Improvements 



-Christiy and Todd gave us some feedback about what it was like working at First Fridays, their feedback is as follows:

     *Make sure you have the Extra Life sign up app downloaded to any devices you bring to an event, often times data service is spotty at events so it is best to have all you need ahead of time. 

     *Flyers are useful in this eviornment, but expect a high volume of "no thanks", do not let that discourage you.

     *Electronic tip jar was a huge success, with roughly a third of the donation money raised via electronic means.

-We also had basic review of booth etiquette and discussions techniques. These links may help you out if you need a review.  

- If you did not get a copy, here are the new Handbook and Guild Improvements to review

-Goals for this year are as follows: $70,000 raised and 700 sign ups. Last year we earned $74,437 and had 656 sign ups, but last year we brought home roughly $14K from Extra Life United. This year we want to pass the $70,000 mark not-including our Extra Life United funds. 





Extra Life Organizer: Jessie

Location and times: May 12th at 6PM at ESports Bar in Shawnee [THIS WEEKEND!]

Notes: We are not setting up a table, this will be more of a social networking event.

Contact Jessie for more information





Extra Life Organizer: Jessie

Location and times: June 23rd and 24th

Notes: We will have limited wristbands like last year, sign up quickly here on at the Facebook group.



Extra Life Organizer: 

Location and times: July 6th from 7pm to 11pm at Tapcade

Notes: We will be partnering with LocalLegends for space, great for expience talking about Extra Life!



Extra Life Organizer:  

Location and times: July 13th to 15th at Overland Park Convention Center

Notes:  This is one of our longest running events, looking foward to seeing you all there!



Next meeting Date:
Next meeting is June 13th at 6:30PM, location TBD



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