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Guild Meeting Notes April 2018

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Extra Life Kansas City Guild

Meeting Notes

April 24th at the Microsoft Store in Oak Park Mall

Game Day is November 3rd




New hand outs! 

Handbook and Guild Improvements 


Guild Information:

1) We increase funds and awareness for local children's hospitals

2) Together we Save kids' lives through rallying and connecting local

3) Purpose of the Guild is to Register, Fund Raise, and Get Social!



-We met our KU Medical Center staff, Jill, Katie and Amy. They introduced us to a Miracle Network family and the kids we help.

- If you did not get a copy, here are the new Handbook and Guild Improvements to review

-Core functions of the guild are now as follows:

REGISTER: We get people signed up for Extra Life, not just the game day, but to help the hospitals. Our goal as the Guild is to spread the good word of Extra Life to the KC and surrounding area. There is also a cool App you can download to make sign ups easier for your phone. Look up Extra Life on your local marketplace. 

FUNDRAISE: On average we raise $200 per two people signed up. As a Guild we can network and cooperate to raise funds, especially while at events to get donations. In addition, there are numerous rewards you can earn based on funds raised with Platinum membership. 

GET SOCIAL: From Social Media to "Real Life" there are various ways to get the word out about Extra Life. Some people have their donation page set up automatically post things to Facebook for them so that way it is easier to get the word out. 

-Goals for this year are as follows: $70,000 raised and 700 sign ups. Last year we earned $74,437 and had 656 sign ups, but last year we brought home roughly $14K from Extra Life United. This year we want to pass the $70,000 mark not-including our Extra Life United funds. 




TwitchKC Meeting

Extra Life Organizer: Jessie

Location and times: May 12th at 6PM at ESports Bar in Shawnee

Notes:  We are not setting up a table, this will be more of a social networking event.

Contact Jessie for more information





Extra Life Organizer: Jessie

Location and times: June 23rd and 24th

Notes:We will have limited wristbands like last year, sign up quickly here on at the Facebook group.

Sign ups will occur at next meeting, but feel free to post here or on Facebook if interested. We are looking for people who have something to craft.


Next meeting Date:
Next meeting is May 9th , as we return to our Second Wednesday of the Month pattern.




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