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Attention Top 30 for 2017!

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Hello Everyone and Especially Last Year's Top 30!


Our Hospital Rep at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia would like to hear from you! So if your name is on this list, please send me a response in this thread and I'll hook you up with Grace!


Johnny Ortiz                        $12552.98

Dan Palumbo                         $10022.00

The Escapist Magazine               $8000.00

Steven Yeager                       $5615.01

The Level Up Network                $4260.37

Jamie Glennon                       $3590.00

David Whelan                        $3562.00

Nick Coss                           $3245.73

Chase Dedic                         $2640.00

Michael Wolfe                       $2250.00

Terry Hopely                         $2120.00

Kiera Herbert                       $2015.00

Nathan Gulla                        $2000.00

Scott Fisher                        $2000.00

lol dbz                             $1860.36

Jeff Nicoline                       $1740.00

Karl Kemmerer                       $1730.00

Travis Terlinden                    $1729.00

Andrew Cook                         $1680.00

Tommcq Charity Stream               $1609.99

Paul Woodward                       $1595.00

Kris Tan                            $1540.00

Craig Schickling II                 $1530.00

Ryan Hargrove                       $1519.69

Charles Nicolosi                    $1460.00

Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast     $1455.00

Matt Baldassarre                    $1434.11

Third Shift                         $1385.00

Rob Martin                          $1365.00

David Soto                          $1350.00



Christopher "LonestarF1" Redden

Philadelphia Guild - Communications Team

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Dont know how Im just seeing this now. Did they hand out those certificates this year? I have one from 2016 and its a great talking point (bragging rights) in my office.

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