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Looking for team members and volunteers

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Hello everyone,

My name is Johanna and I am looking for new members for our team "Gamers of the Coliseum". I am also looking for volunteers to help out at some of the events we run throughout the year, and our 24 hour event.

I joined Extra Life last year with my husband and daughter as our own team. We have always been very supportive and generous with CHEO, and have in past years supported a local team here in Ottawa. (Team Bombshelter). We decided to make our own team last year after we almost lost our daughter when she was only 4 to a rare blood disease and CHEO saved her. We gather a bunch of other friends who were all avid gamers, but we all new to Extra Life. We had a great night of gaming and supplied food, drinks, and over 2 dozen games for people to play. We had drop in gaming and donations and ran some charity events throughout the year.

I look forward to expanding our team this year by doubling it, and having a even larger turnout out our public Extra Life event held at the Letrim Military Mess Hall.

I am not at all new to gaming, and have been gaming for more than 2 decades now. I play a wide range of everything from board games, video games, table top games, RPGs, and mobile games. I also run a gaming store and we own about 40 board games for all ages.

I greatly looking forward to meeting everyone and making this year even better than last year.


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