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International Tabletop Day Celebration 2018

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"You like games? I’m willing to believe you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Well let me tell you this, Extra Life will be celebrating International Tabletop Day at House of Comics and Games. It will begin at 2pm and introduce all levels of board game lovers to an expertly curated selection of the most fun and interesting board games from around the world.

Forget everyday board games of yesteryear that you’ve played. This is not your typical game day! You wont find any Scrabble, Monopoly, or Connect 4 at this board game bash.

Attendees will have a chance to Play to Win, take home door prizes, and engage in organized play in the tabletop gaming area. A few of the titles available will be Downforce, Machi Koro, ...POW! and many many more unique and challenging tabletop board game titles.

Never Played before? No problem will teach attendees the basic rules, set up, and how to play each of the games, perform demonstrations of the newest games, and be close at hand in case players have questions while they play on their own.

Feel Free to bring your own games to play, if you can't make it join us on Twitch at And if you're a gamer, we'd love to have you on our team! Visit the Extra Life home page, Check out the Extra Life Jacksonville then click "Join Our Team".

Lastly, lets take care of some business. A $5 contribution is requested for participation. Extra Lifers feel free to donate it to your page. I know you may be thinking “Five Dollars” but 100% will go towards our local CMN Hospital. So come join us, Play Games, and Heal Kids.

Even if you can't make a contribution, you can still support the team by watching us play, cheering us on, and spreading the word." -@LaTwan Holland "TheDirectEdition"

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