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The publisher behind the 2014 indie darling Never Alone, E-Line Media, announced its next project today. The Endless Mission presents players with a set of tools to create games in Unity alongside a journey through a sandbox world with its own storyline. As players progress through the story, they'll learn more about making games and how to use those tools. The Endless Mission's goal is to have everyone making games by the time the credits roll. 


The Endless Mission is being developed as a collaborative effort between E-Line Media and Endless Interactive alongside the writing team at Sleep Deprivation Lab, an outfit that has worked on titles like Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and The Crew. The narrative will have parallels with the game's structure, exploring how we are all shaped by technology and in turn shape that technology. 


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Players who run through The Endless Mission will be able to mix and mash a wide variety of genres using the tool set built into the game. The basic examples show off racing titles, survival games, real-time strategy, and platformers, though all indications are that players will have an unprecedented amount of control over what kinds of games they could make. The announcement promises that players will be able to manipulate "the essence of the game down to the very code itself." 


The Endless Mission will launch this summer in Early Access on Steam and the first playable demo of the game will be at PAX East. 


As game creation becomes more complex and more tools release to the public, a game that teaches people how to make games might make for the most intuitive way to teach people how to make games. Does this kind of thing seem interesting or is it a very niche project? Let us know in the comments! 

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