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Hey all!

For those that don't know me, my name is Joshua and I've been part of Extra Life for about 8 years now; and one of my first major adventures with Extra Life was participating in the Trion Worlds in-game event in Rift, back in the "good ol days".


Rift has recently returned to a subscription-only progression server called Rift Prime, and to celebrate that as well as my 8th year of being an Extra Life gamer, I've created an in-game guild for anyone interested in giving it a shot.


My IGN is Crysola, and I'm in the Guardian faction. The guild is open to players of *both* factions, and primarily designed as a way for us to connect and enjoy the game. 


For more info on Rift Prime, click here and hope to see you in game!

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I'd looked at that.  RIFT was a pretty epic experience when it first came out all those years ago.  I did alpha/beta testing for most of Trions games, and I have always had a soft spot for them in memories.  Up until last year, I always did Extra Life as part of their team even if I wasn't playing their games, mostly just because of their support for the project and the prizes they gave out for fundraising milestones if you were on their team.


I cleaned up my PC around the turn of the year, I played on RIFT for a few days, and I just can't do the combat anymore, lol. I am spoiled with shinier things. I am actually testing the Defiance 2050 re-release though.  It was always a fun game to randomly login and do some events.


Good luck with Prime!

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