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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Guildlings Releasing This Summer

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Threes might be one of the best mobile games ever created and it was designed by Asher Vollmer and his team at Sirvo back in 2014. (Edit: Vollmer put together Sirvo after creating Threes - Guildlings will be Sirvo's first game as a studio.) Since then, Sirvo has been quietly plugging away at Guildlings. Announced over two years ago, the team has made progress and finally issued a release window for this coming summer. 


One of the big problems that plagued the highly successful Threes was how easily the minimalist design was able to be replicated by cloners and knock-off artists. The market was flooded by these games to the point that some of the clones became headline stories in their own right without any credit ever being given to Threes. With Guildlings, Vollmer and his team designed with a focus on narrative, visuals, and things that are all-around much more difficult to rip-off. 


Guildlings is about a bunch of teenage rebels who embark on an adventure. Calling themselves Guildlings, they explore the land of Worldaria getting into all kinds of shenanigans. Sirvo has designed Worldaria to be a mix of modern technology and concepts paired with magic. Each of the Guildlings has their own magical powers and access to asocial network run by magic. The locations and regions of Worldaria reflect that magic as well ranging in description from the surreal to the mundane.




One of my favorite elements of the world that they have teased so far has to be the Lanternions, creatures that serve as light posts and the defenders of travelers. They're not fast, but that's because they are made heavy with the memories of all the travelers they couldn't save. They're precious and I love them.


As the intrepid leader of the Guildlings, players steer their journey across Worldaria and try to figure ways out of any tricky situation in which the team might find itself stuck. The core game consists of exploring an expansive location followed by the time spent traveling to a new location. Players will want to be careful with their decisions, though, because some could have unintended results.


At one point, the team was looking into implementing Inkle Studios' Ink language to create an series of interconnected pieces of content, possibly to have a persistent flow of consequences. Inkle was recently in the news for their latest game that uses the same language to power a text adventure on the PlayStation 4.




Asher Vollmer and his crew at Sirvo Studios know how to design a solid game and have the track record to prove it, which should be reason enough to get excited about Guildlings. Expect to see the first part of the adventure, titled Guildlings Act One, debut on mobile devices this summer.

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