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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Kongregate Announces Kartridge to Compete with Steam and GOG

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Kongregate announced today that it would be offering its own alternative to online storefronts like Steam and Good Old Games. If successful, Kartridge could prove to be a great alternative for smaller devs looking to have more control over their stores and to stand out from the tides of shovelware that has come to plague larger services. 


Kongregate has been something of a low-key industry force for over a decade now. The service launched in 2007 and managed to capitalize on the tail end of the height of free online Flash gaming. Over the years, it has managed to leverage its position in the industry to bill itself as a stepping stone for up and coming devs looking to break into the mobile and PC gaming markets. It was able to do this by slowly expanding into mobile publishing and using their Gamestop connection to leverage Steam publishing deals. 


Kartridge offers developers a platform that has no listing fees and the power to tailor their storefronts to suit their game. It will also include the social features that Kongregate has attempted to implement over the years on their website. "Playing on Kartridge will immerse gamers in a deeply social world; they'll earn rewards for playing their favorite games, collect customized achievements, and connect with other gamers through chat, forums, and additional social features," said Kongregate in their announcement. "They’ll share tips and strategies within newfound communities as they level up their accounts, earning rewards along the way. The Kartridge platform was designed to be a unique and robust experience for players to enjoy, with the end goal of making the platform as fun as the games people are playing."



Perhaps the most enticing feature of Kartridge will be its promise to curate the content that makes it onto their store. With Steam opening the floodgates several years ago, there's now an entire subsection of YouTube and Twitch that focuses entirely on the lazy, awful and sometimes seedy underbelly of the releases pouring onto the platform. Kartridge will use a combination of an editorial team and a series of algorithms to "help surface titles that are getting lost in other marketplaces and [...] help players find new content they didn't know they'd love."


The service isn't quite live yet, but it will be entering its beta testing phase in the near future. People interested in seeing what it will be all about can sign up for entry to the beta here. The service is slated to launch sometime this summer. 

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