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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Rock and Roll Out in Upcoming Double Kick Heroes

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From humble beginnings as a Ludum Dare in late 2015, Double Kick Heroes leaps onto PC a group of rebellious teens onto an apocalyptic roadtrip tour as an up and coming metal band. Double Kick Heroes takes inspiration from the grindhouse works of Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Tenacious D to blast fun metal tunes while simultaneously blasting zombies, mutant sharks, and all kinds of other crazy enemies.


Players can power through 30 songs across half a dozen chapters while keeping pace with this explosive rhythm game. A level editor will also be included so that players can create their own stages and adventures. The level editor will also enable players to import their own music into the game and play courses created by other community members. 


Double Kick Heroes has come a long way from its game jam origins. It briefly released on Newgrounds before moving over to where it became one of the most played shooters and held that spot for months on the indie gaming platform. Now that the full PC version has neared a more complete stage of development, it's heading to PC! 



Double Kick Heroes will be available on April 11 for PC via Steam Early Access - no word on when the developers plan to release from Early Access.

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