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2018 EXtra Life ATL Leadership Committee Application

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Drum roll please....we're offer more opportunities in 2018 for YOU to get involved and share your talents to further grow our ATL Extra Life program. To top it off we're hoping to host an inaugural game day event in ATL this fall. To do this, we've created a few more guild committee positions----which greatly lessens the responsibilities per committee member, but ultimately boosts our extra life community and the kids we support! Lou, Liz, Mike, and the amazing Extra Life team at CMNH are also rolling out a few new national leadership structures in spring that we'll merge into our 2018 committee plan as well----making a more awesome---AND manageable--- way for more people to get involved in Extra Life without getting overwhelmed.  
The best part about this is: we have the opportunity to make it our own and create a committee that best serves the needs and interests of our ATL Extra Life community! This means if you're not 100% sold on all the aspects of one of the roles listed below...no problem! Share your interests in the application---and once we see where everyone's interests are, we'll adjust the outline below to best fit our community. 
Each of the positions in the attachment below are open and ready to be filled. We just need YOU to take a few minutes to complete the application below and email it to beth.agee@choa.org by Sunday, February 18 (NEW DATE!). The committee position descriptions are listed on page 2 and 3 of the attached 2018 committee document. Both of the docs below are also available on google docs.
Please reach out to me via beth.agee@choa.org or 404.785.7366 with any questions. I'm looking forward to another incredible year with the Extra Life Atlanta community---and making an even bigger impact on our kids at Children's!
Beth Agee :)

2018 Extra Life Committee Description.pdf

2018 Extra Life ATL Leadership Committee Application_CHOA.pdf

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I really love this idea with the new leadership model. I think with everyone's efforts we can make 2018 the best yet and hit over $100K!

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