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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Kirby Star Allies Offers a New Adventure with 4-Player Co-op

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Nintendo announced a new Kirby game coming this March titled Kirby Star Allies. The new adventure pits Kirby and co. against the forces of a new sub-space enemy with a bunch of new abilities and opportunities.


Kirby Star Allies thrusts players into a new world with enemies armed with crazy abilities that can be turned against them. Star Allies adds the spider and artist abilities, allowing Kirby to wrap his enemies in big balls of silk and summon artistic creations to do battle on his behalf, respectively. On top of that, players can now toss their companions around as a new way of getting the drop on enemies. 


Perhaps the most exciting element of Kirby Star Allies lies in the possibilities it presents with 4-player co-op. Up to four friends can team up to take on the forces of evil that threaten Dream Land. In addition to the tossing mechanic, players can combine their abilities in unique ways, like using a water-based ability and a freezing ability to create ice projectiles. Players can even find group-specific abilities that allow them to combine their strength into a friend train or a friend star, opening up new paths and opportunities in certain areas. 


Kirby Star Allies releases on March 16 for the Nintendo Switch. 

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