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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Shadowrun: Hong Kong Receives $1.2 Million Via Kickstarter

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Developer Harebrained Schemes walked away from their completed Kickstarter today with the support of over 30,000 people and $1,204,726. With that kind of cash on hand, here's hoping they don't attract any less than scrupulous runners!


Toward the beginning of this year, the minds behind Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall launched their Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun: Hong Kong, a turn-based tactical RPG in the same vein as its predecessors. Set in a setting where cyberpunk meets high fantasy, Shadowrun: Hong Kong will focus on the the criminal undercurrents of a dystopian Hong Kong full of neon lights, scheming corporations, and the runners who risk their lives to make a living. Not only did Harebrained Schemes reach their initial Kickstarter goal, they raised a little over welve times what they originally asked for from backers, allowing for a greatly extended list of features. These features include:

  • Enhanced player controls
  • Animatic scene transitions
  • An additional character: Racter, a robotics expert who manipulates an advanced combat drone.
  • More animatic endings
  • A side mission for Gobbet, an Ork shaman who adheres to the path of Rat.
  • Better sound
  • Another additional character: Gaichu, a former red samurai and master swordsman.
  • Enhanced cyber abilities
  • A side mission for your dwarf hacker companion, Is0bel.
  • Expanded magic system
  • A side mission for Gaichu
  • A revamp of the virtual world with which hackers interface.
  • An additional 4-5 hour long mini-campaign as a follow-up to the core campaign.


Even with all of these additional features, Shadowrun: Hong Kong is reportedly on track for a mid-2015 release, with an expected release date sometime in August.  


's video poster


Congratulations to the team at Harebrained Schemes. I thoroughly enjoyed both Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Here's hoping that they can keep the magic alive for the third time around!

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