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Baltimore Guild Kickoff - You're Invited!

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Hello, D.C. friends!


In the absence of an actively engaged Washington, D.C. Guild, we'd love to invite you to our 2018 Kickoff Event on February 3, 2018!  We support Johns Hopkins Children's Center as our partner hospital, but we are first and foremost Extra Lifers who want to ensure the success of Extra Life as a whole.  As such, we're covering events in the entire Baltimore/DC/NoVa area on behalf of both Johns Hopkins Children's Center and Children's National in hopes of growing fundraising for both hospitals until a strong guild presence is established in Washington, D.C.


Whether you're new to Extra Life or an old timer, we'd love to meet you, share our story with you, and fill your tummy with a delicious free meal!  Thanks to nominal efforts in the D.C. area, we've helped to grow Children's National's Extra Life presence as well as improve fundraising for Johns Hopkins Children's Center - and you were a part of that!  We'd love to share in that success with you.  We'd also love to include you in any future D.C. area events.


Please RSVP on the event below if you would plan to come.  We'd love to have you!



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