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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Google Declares Gaming Content Mainstream

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Google released their analytics from 2014, revealing that Minecraft was the second most searched term on the service, losing only to generic music searches. Minecraft was searched more often than movies, Frozen, or Beyoncé. PewDiePie also topped the charts, ranking a solid 5% over searches for rapper Eminem. 



And there is more. Gaming consistently remains the top category of content accessed on YouTube. In the month of October, video games were the number one most viewed type of videos for all but six days. 


Gender also seems to play a role in how viewers interact with gaming videos. 70% of users who like, favorite, comment, or playlist videos identify as male. However, viewers that identify as female tended to spend more time actually watching the videos.


Some interesting info to digest as we make our way into 2015. 

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