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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Take to the Skies as a Flying Tiger in Upcoming Flight Sim

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The Flying Tigers were the most prolific group of air force pilots in the Pacific theater during World War II, undertaking dangerous missions on behalf of both the United States and China during World War II. They became known for their daring tactics and successful sorties against the encroaching Japanese while armed with only 99 P-40 fighters painted with the iconic bared shark teeth. The Tigers were entirely made up of volunteer pilots from a mixture of military and civilian backgrounds. 


An upcoming game from Ace Maddox, a Swedish indie dev, delves into the story of the Flying Tigers directly. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China features a single-player campaign that offers a window into the secret operations of the American Volunteer Group, the people who would go on to be known as Tigers. There's also an option for players to fly into combat against one another in competitive dogfighting, crazy rocket-propelled battles, capture the flag, and more.



The gameplay takes players into the skies for a fusion of flight-sim and arcade action. For players who enjoy a stylish gameplay twist, Ace Maddox has implemented TrazerTime, a slow-motion combat mechanic, along with variable weather, and a huge roster of aircraft. Players will find themselves running fighter, bomber, gunner, recon, and night missions.



Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China releases on January 12th, 2018 for the Xbox One.

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