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EL Fundraiser for December: "World Warriors" Album release!

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Edit: It's out! https://mahn.bandcamp.com/releases


Hey everyone!


This is my 3rd year supporting Extra Life, and my main source of fundraising has been streaming and donations through Twitch.  I teamed up with a back in April for a "Pretty Princess" stream with a friend of mine where we raised ~$1,400 for Extra Life!  Shortly after though, due to personal reasons, I had to stop streaming on a regular basis.  But I had a project on the backburner that I wanted to put whatever free time and energy I had into, and try to raise some money for EL before the end of the year.


I've been playing music for 20 years, but never did an actual music project or album.  I decided to change that, and I'll be releasing a six-track EP tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/5) called "World Warriors", a homage to the Street Fighter series.  The concept is mixing and mashing metal songs, old and new, with video game music.  The Chrono Trigger battle theme sounds like "The Trooper" from Iron Maiden?  Let's do a song called Chrono Trooper!  You get the idea :)


I'll be doing a stream on Twitch on 12/5 at 6:30 PM ET as a "release party", and I'll play a few songs live.  But once I release the album on Bandcamp, the "Pay More" option will be enabled.  If you buy the album and pay more above the minimum price ($3 for a digital copy, $5 for a physical copy), I'll collect the additional money and donate it to Extra Life before the year end.


I'll edit this post with the Bandcamp link once I release the album, but if you'd like to support on stream tomorrow, my Twitch channel is below!




Promo video: 




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