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Extra Life News:Unimaginable Achievement, Unlocked!

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It might seem an obvious choice to write a blog with the intent of “giving thanks” as we wrap up the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States last week, but when you're fortunate enough to have a community like the Extra Life community, we feel it’s an honor and privilege to do so.


You see, a couple weeks ago, we witnessed something happen in the Extra Life community that we had a hard time even imagining. We watched a single Extra Life team raise over $1 million #ForTheKids… in 24-hours. In fact, we watched them raise over $1.2 million! Team Rooster Teeth, led by the fearless Jack Pattillo and Caiti Ward, hosted their 7th Extra Life marathon over the years, full of antics and crazy shenanigans, to raise money for children and their families who desperately need your support.


To simply state that we’re thankful for Jack Pattillo, Caiti Ward and everyone over at Rooster Teeth team would be grossly understating who they are and the role they’ve played in growing the Extra Life community to become a force for good for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since 2010, Rooster Teeth has enlisted nearly 11,000 of their fans into the Extra Life community and together, have raised an astonishing $3.5+ million dollars for 155 different Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (that’s just over 90% of our member hospitals) across the US and Canada. You can understand that when we see someone use #RTEXTRALIFE, we know they’re serious about playing games and healing kids.


We know that the Rooster Teeth gang does some pretty, well, unorthodox things for donations. But this year we wanted to be sure note this ultimate “awwww cute” highlight.




The Rooster Teeth community is in it for the long haul as the company has pledged to raise $3 million for Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, TX to help pay for a new mental health wing so kids with mental illnesses will have a special place to be treated. The new mental health wing at Dell Children’s will have a healing garden that provides a place for the kids to play, relax and recharge during their stay and treatment in the hospital and will be properly named the “Rooster Teeth Healing Garden”!




As we recall the time spent with family and friends last week we are reminded of the love and enthusiasm that powers Extra Life. We are grateful for Rooster Teeth, Jack, Caiti and the thousands of people who’ve watched, shared, participated and donated to Extra Life, supporting and improving the lives of families in their own and other’s communities. This love and enthusiasm that powers Extra Life continues to amaze all of us here at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


On behalf of our hospitals and kids receiving treatment and care, thank you.


Mike, Liz, Lou & Jeromy
Team Extra Life
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

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