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Extra Life News:Extra Life October 2017 Newsletter

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Here we are in the final stretch before Game Day! October was one of our busiest months. The Los Angeles and Orange County Guilds crushed TwitchCon. We launched the official Extra Life Discord channel. The ESA Foundation announced their challenge. On top of all of that, Extra Life’s first recruitment push for Child Health Day went incredibly well! 


Our monthly updates are sent out to let you know about the important news from around the community. Buckle in, because you’re the best gaming has to offer!



Child Health Day Recap


Last month we told you to mark down Child Health Day and push the word out about Extra Life. Over the course of 24 hours, our combined efforts saw over 400 new Extra Lifers join to play games and heal kids and raised over $40,500 for local hospitals!




Launch of Discord



In preparation for Game Day, we’ve launched the official Extra Life Discord channel to help community members connect with one another! Over 700 people have joined to share their streaming tips & Game Day ideas, meet local Extra Lifers, and game together.


ESA Foundation Announcement



The ESA Foundation Challenge is back again! Their generous $60,000 grant is divided into two prizes that YOU can help unlock for your hospital. For more info and to see how your hospital compares in the rankings, visit our ESA Foundation Challenge page


Humble Bundle Galore! 



Not only was $28,000 raised by the Degica Games and the RPG Maker Software Bundle for Extra Life last month, but there's also 2 other Humble Bundles currently available that support Extra Life! Check out Double Fine Production's Day

of the Devs Bundle, as well as the official Humble Extra Life Bundle to stock up on games for Game Day!



Twitch Con



Shout out to the Orange County and Los Angeles Guilds for helping out at TwitchCon earlier this month! Throughout the weekend, they raised over $1,500 and recruited 330 new Extra Life members. In addition, Twitch broadcasters took part in a charity decathlon and took home 3rd place for Extra Life!


Fundraising Update



We head into November having raised $3.9 Million and over 40,000 gamers who have pledged to play games and heal kids for their chosen CMN Hospital. The stage is set for us to absolutely demolish our 2016 record! Let’s go out there and shatter some numbers. 


Game Day can be any day of the year, but expect us to make some noise this coming weekend during the official Extra Life Game Day on Nov. 4th. Tune into the stream for hourly fundraising updates on twitch.tv/extralife4kids from 8am MT on Nov. 4th – 8am MT on Nov. 5th! Never stop pushing forward for fun, fellowship, and – as always….


For The Kids,

Mike, Liz, Lou & Jeromy

Team Extra Life

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals



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