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I can't be a platinum fundraiser

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I have sent a ticket a few days back but I haven't got a respond so...here I am seeking for help to resolve this issue that I'm facing.

My Mastercard transaction couldn't go through and this error surfaces every time I attempt to sign up to become a platinum fundraiser, "Please verify your card number and expiration date."

My card is absolutely working fine with purchases on other websites. I have tried to make payment using PayPal but due to Paypal international regulations on Singapore, I am unable to make the transaction and that leaves me with only the card transaction method for payment.

So does anyone have any idea or faced this issue before?

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Thanks @Xeserox!


@Edesonism, support can take up to three business days to respond and they get particularly busy this time of year. So if you reached out this week, I am sure they will be in contact soon. I'll connect with them to be sure your ticket gets some attention though! We'll get it figured out one way or another!

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