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Marcus Stewart

Gaming News:Brace For Friday the 13th With The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer

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The Evil Within 2.jpg


Friday the 13th is nearly upon us. In addition to bringing a full day of misfortune, it also gives us the next terrifying chapter in The Evil Within saga.  


Sebastian Castellanos is on a desperate mission to rescue his captured daughter Lily, who was presumed dead years ago. Unfortunately, that means taking another insane trip through the terrifying world of STEM. Evidenced by the trailer, Sebastian has a whole new suite of nightmares to contend with. That includes humans threats, such as photographer-turned-evil antagonist, Stefano and the wicked priest, Theodore. Check out the launch trailer to help mentally prepare yourself for the frights to come. 



The Evil Within 2 his October 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you're looking for more pre-release scares, check out the game's E3 reveal trailer

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