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Restaurant Fundraiser

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Has anyone ever had an experience of throwing a fundraiser dinner through a restaurant? My team is looking to throw one, but they will send the check for the donation directly to CMNH, and we were wondering if anyone had a way of having that donation be put towards the extra-life team's goal?


If you have any tips or recommendations I'd appreciate it.


Thank you!

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I'm planning one for October 28th at the Dockside in Malden, MA.  They are giving 25% of people's bills to the Children's Miracle Network.  They said raffles was the way to make the most money.  50/50 raffle, basket raffles.  I've gotten gift cards from other local restaurants to use in the raffle.  My local Starbucks is donating a basket we will be raffling off.  I'm still trying to get more items for my raffle on the 28th. :)   I posted my event but I may have posted it in the wrong place (?)


I basically just approached the manager and asked about it.  I know other restaurants do Dining for Dollar events as well.  I could've done one at the Papa Gino's in Melrose so I'm sure other Papa Gino locations do this too.  Hope that helps. :)



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I'm not 100% certain, but if you tell the restaurant to specify your name and the words Extra Life in the subject line of the check, then it MIGHT get to the right place.


Can anyone confirm this or am I mistaken? Bueller? Bueller? @herobyclicking?

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The check can be made out to Extra Life or Children's Miracle Network Hospitals with the team name and the team captain's name as it appears on your profile and send it to us directly. Getting your name on that check is critical!


Children's Miracle Network

ATTN: Extra Life

205 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101



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I decided to give this a try at our local Texas Roadhouse. I'll try to summarize our experience:

  • The overall experience was great. The marketing manager was helpful and a pleasure to work with.
  • They donated 10% of all meals for patrons who brought in a flyer saying they were there for our event.  
  • We set up a public Facebook event for the fundraiser night and spammed it to our friends, families, and schools for a couple weeks before the event.
  • We spent a few hours passing out 200 flyers at a nearby hardware store to locals. The flyers cost $20 to print. This wasn't very effective for us. We think two people came because of the flyers.
  • We emailed people personally to invite them.  Most of the people who came were because of those emails.
  • They set up a raffle table at the front entrance for us to raffle off items we secured from local businesses. Anyone who came in was welcome to participate. This is where the real money was made!
  • We spent about $20 in raffle table supplies (laminating papers, poster board, donation boxes, markers, balloons, etc)
  • It was two weeks of visiting local businesses to ask for gift certificates and baskets to raffle off. Lots of time spent here. Email and phone call follow-ups, picking up prizes, etc. All the businesses were very responsive and gave great stuff, however. We had $1,000 worth of prizes and four big ticket items.
  • We were allowed to greet people as they came in, before they got to the hostesses. This was key to the raffle being successful - otherwise people would just pass by without a second thought. My only line was "If you're interested, we are raffling off some great prizes to support the kids at Hasbro Children's Hospital" and that was enough to get people's attention. Everyone responded really well.  
  • At the end, we earned $30 in meals and $550 in raffle ticket sales. 
  • Definitely worth the time and effort, although next time we probably find a more efficient way to pass out flyers to strangers to get more turnout. 




Also, we added the check from the restaurant and the money order for the raffle using the "Add Offline Donations" option on the Extra Life website. Then we printed the form and sent them in together.  Including the form and putting your participant name and ID on the checks ensures they get credited to you. 



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