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KC Game On Event

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Here's your schedule! We have a lot of overlap during the day, so the new kids will get plenty of experience!

Location: Cerner: 

2702 Rock Creek Parkway, North Kansas City, MO 64117

Located in North Kansas City, MO (nearly the centerpoint of the KC Metro) - our venue is right off of I-35 and Armour Road, just north of downtown KCMO. There is no public transportation to this area on Saturdays so you will need to drive/carpool to the event.

October 7th : 12pm to 10pm


Finch 12-3
Ashley 12-3
Sean 2-5
David (Brie) 2-5
Anthony Hayes 5-8
Michael Andrews 5-8
Brigid 5-8
Kevin Kelly 6-9
Jessie 7-10
Billy 7-10

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