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September 2017 - Guild Meeting

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This Month's Meeting: September 25 2017 - 7:30pm

Location:  Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON

RSVP: here


Hey guys we had a guild social with slight updates during August. Not a ton to report on so I didn't bother making notes. Here is the document for the up coming September meeting! 


This Month's Agenda :


  • Welcome new members



  • 400 Recruits signed up to play for sickkids

  • $4418 USD for ELTO group

  • $26,323 Raised for SickKids


  • Fan Expo and LOL/Microsoft event

    • Thank you for everyone help with both events!

  • Adventuring Zone

    • September 30th @ Lighthouse Labs

    • Partnering up with 401 Games

    • New date: October 29th

Canadian Wide Leadership call

  • Cancelled this month everyone was too busy

  • Started having EL Guild Leadership call with all the guilds.

    • Child Health Day [Oct 2nd US] Thunderclap [Opt into share a post]

      • Hoping to get extra life trending that day, might be a good time to push for donations since people will be seeing lots about extra life

    • Official EL Discord group for everyone in the community. Official launch in October

    • Soft launch of the partnered twitch channel, possibly sub using twitch prime.

      • Also always happy to host guilds so if anyone wants to stream and talking about extra life/ our guild on the official extra life channel let Jess know.

    • ExtraLife4Kids instagram channel is coming and make sure you are tagging #EXTRALIFE on your videos and photos.

    • They also have a package to hand over to local stores who focus/deal with Wizards of the Coast to join their mega team. Might be a good way to get stores involved. (can create sub teams for their store)

  • If anyone has anything they want brought up please let us know

Hoodies/ T-shirts

  • Hand out shirts & hoodies  



Next Month's Meeting: October 23 2017

Location: Raiders Esport Center 

RSVP: here

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