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Fundraising Event Ideas

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Hey all! I compiled this list for the Kansas City Guild and I figured I'd share it here too!  Guildies were wondering about other ways to fundraise besides social media and asking people, so since I know many of you have done restaurant events, etc...I thought I'd put together a list of info I could find on companies that do fundraising nights/events.  This are mostly places in Kansas City, but the big restaurants are everywhere and some of the other things can be translated elsewhere.


If you have more detailed info on any of these, please let me know!  I'd love to pass it on :)


Some of these places have online forms, which I have linked.  Many of them are easy to book if you simply go in and chat to the owner or manager of the place!  Never underestimate the effectiveness of going and talking to someone!



Buffalo Wild Wings: Not 100% sure on amounts, but I believe it is 10% of stuff purchased with charity ticket, not including alcohol. You need to go in and talk to the restaurant manager to book. Here is some info.

California Pizza Kitchen: 20% of sales from flyers. Fill out online form and they claim a manager will contact within 3 days! 

Cici’s Pizza: says to contact local store owners for info!

Chili’s: 10% of sales with flyer. Tues or Wed night fundraisers.  Give back 10% of sales with vouchers/flyers. Must reach $500 in sales for a donation or the donation will be made in food vouchers. Info.

Chipotle: a whopping 50% of sales from flyers.  They do not specify hospitals on their list, but if you contact them or get in touch with a specific location they may do it anyway if they don’t have any other community events going on! Info.

Five Guys: must contact the store owner.  

Freddy’s: Online form.

Noodles and Co: 25% of sales. Not sure if flyers or not. They “prefer” you have 150 people in attendance. Online form.

Panda Express: 20% of sales from fliers. Online form.

Panera: 20% of sales from people who bring in a flyer for the event.  Online form.

Raising Canes: 15% of sales with flyer. They also create a landing page for the event that you can share online. Online form.

Red Robin: 20% of sales from fliers.  They provide a whole host of marketing items such as flyers, social media images, a website, etc. Online form.



In-Home/Online Direct Sales Parties

LuLaRoe (leggings/clothes): Depends on the consultant. 
Pure Romance: I am a consultant.  If someone wants to have a party online, I'll donate 15% to Extra Life!

Scentsy (scents/warmers): I know they do them but don’t have specifics

ThirtyOne (bags): Anywhere from 5% to 24% of sales depending on the amount purchased.

Younique (make-up): 20% of party sales go to the charity.

**With in home party companies it all depends on the consultant.  Many consultants will do even more than the company suggests!**


Painting Parties

Pinot’s Palette: “Paint it Forward” program with both public and private options at their locations. You have to email the manager of the store or go and visit them to set up. They have multiple locations

**There are many of these everywhere and SO MANY do fundraising events!**



Geeks Who Drink: you can set up your own Geeks Who Drink Night at a local bar in your area if you have one.

Game Stores: Talk to a game store about having one of their tournaments for charity! Or, see about getting a donation jar in the store.  Or, when you go to your usual game night...start talking about Extra Life!

Trick or Treating for EL funds: go door to door asking for change for Extra Life.  If you feel weird going as an adult, find someone with a kid and bring them with you!  A few ELers in other cities have done this and it worked pretty well!  I once collected food donations in high school door to door and it was a HUGE success! Maybe even dress up in a gaming costume! You can pass out flyers too!



-This is by no means a full list! Just an idea starter!

-Going and talking to managers is an easy way to get something done! Don’t just rely on online forms!

-Many of these require a W-9 with information.  Your hospital should be able to get one.

-Many of these require 4 to 6 weeks notice...so start planning NOW!

-Most of these require flyers...which makes the process harder.  Perhaps you team up with another Extra Lifer in a different friend group from you and you pass out the flyers more?  Some suggest passing out 500, which I agree with.  With a lot of events, you can only expect a small percentage to actually attend.  So the more you invite...the more will come!


Hope this helps at least one of you out there! I know there are hundreds of other ideas!

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Going around to local tech companies and asking them to give a flat donation or a certain amount per hour you stream has worked for me in the past. I have had Microsoft, Apple, Seagate, and other companies willing to donate anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars so maybe test that out.


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